We Believe That Food Should Be Delicious, Healthy, Easy and Fun.
This Is How BABz Dry Mixes Were Born.

The BABz Story

2017: Myrna sells her real estate brokerage and is ready for a "new beginning." 3 months later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After undergoing a double mastectomy, Myrna decides to take control of her own well-being by switching to a plant-based diet instead of resorting to medicines.

2020: Myrna innovates a "Classic" whole-food flatbread out of seeds. She gives out sample packages to everyone she could and her Pilates instructor suggests creating a burger because she hates all the additives in vegan or vegetarian burgers. And 'voila' the BABz Dry Mix product line was born.

Meet Myrna's Foods


Founder, Mad Scientist & Unstoppable Catalyst

Entrepreneur, Mom, weekend athlete, creative genius, purveyor of health, champion of humanity, a connector of people, lover of fun.


Retail Channel & Swiss Army Knife Executive

Jill of all trades, spreadsheet queen, outdoor fanatic, social butterfly, territory manager, detail-oriented queen, gets stuff done.

Good for both 
you and the world.


Reducing your meat intake helps reduce the  greenhouse gas emissions from livestock agriculture.


BABz Products are shelf-stable and don't require refrigenation from Production to your  pantry.


BABz products have a shelf life of 18 months, which reduces waste from expired food.

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