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What makes BABz different from other meat alternative brands?

BABz products are nutritionally dense and clean. With labels you can read ingredients you can trust, you know exactly what you’re eating. BABz is real food. BABz’ ingredients are either in their natural state or lightly ground, not ultra-processed.

BABz plant-based meat alternatives are a conveniently shelf-stable dry mix – just add water, beer or wine. It also means that our products are better for the environment because they don’t require refrigeration during transport and they don’t contain water weight, which means they take less energy to transport from production to your pantry.

BABz high fibre content makes it a low net-carb*, keto friendly option. (*Net-carbs are the carbohydrates you can digest and use for energy.) One serving of BABz will provide up to half of the daily recommended serving of fibre.

Why is it called BABz?

We originally started with an “add water and stir” flatbread that we had named Bodacious Artisan Foods. We soon discovered that Bodacious Artisan Foods was a word salad and not everyone could spell “bodacious”.

When we looked for URLs, we could only get URLs that ended in “z”. To make it easier, we started putting BABz in the subject line and the BABz name was born. We think it is fun and edgy – like our customers.

What is the main source of protein in your product?

The sources of protein in BABz are seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, flax), nutritional yeast and hemp flakes.

What do BABz mixes taste like?

Our custom seasonings are designed to add deep, meaty flavour to all of our mixes. Our products are uniquely rich in herbs and spices and light on fillers like salt.

Where are BABz products made?

We create BABz products in West Kelowna, BC, Canada

Is BABz Healthy?

Extremely – made only from all natural ingredients, grains, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, and healthy seasonings!

We pride ourselves on having “labels you can read” (nutritional, as in nutritional yeast is the most complicated word on our label) and ingredients you can trust.

Another dimension of the healthy benefits of BABz products is the diversity of our fibre. According to the American Gut Project, the more different plant types a person eats, the higher the microbial diversity of the gut. BABz has about 10 different types of plants in a single serving!

Are your products allergen friendly?

Are all of your products plant-based and vegan?

BABz products are 100% plant-based and vegan.

Are all your products gluten-free?

Our products do not contain any gluten and are suitable for Celiacs.

Are all your products keto?

Our products are keto-friendly with only nine net-carbs per serving.

How long does it take from opening the package until BABz hits my plate?

Open the package. Add water. Stir. Let rest so the seeds absorb the moisture. This is where time can vary--you can let it sit for 10-15 minutes while you do other food prep or you can mix it the evening before and let it rest in the fridge overnight before cooking in the morning.

Cooking your BABz meal could take between ten and thirty minutes, depending on your method and recipe.

How do I get the carnivores in my life to eat BABz?

Let’s be flexitarian – the Classic Mix and Smokey BBQ Mix offer a great option to get a little less meat in your diet. You can even go halfsies with BABz and ground meat to ease into the plant-based world.

How many burgers will it take to satisfy a big, hungry guy?

With 19 g of protein per serving, a single burger served with condiments and maybe sides of fries and salad should fill him up.

BABz had a sampling party and one big guy decided to have two burgers… he couldn’t even finish the second. But Baxter, the dog, loved the leftovers!

Where can I find BABz in stores?

We are in more than 150 locations across Canada. Coming to the U.S. early 2023 (fingers crossed!). Find the cloest retailer or restaurant that carries BABz on the Find Us page.

Remember, you won’t find BABz in the freezer section – BABz is shelf-stable, dry mix, perfect for storing in your pantry, ready to make a delicious meal when there is nothing in the fridge.